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2019 Southampton Boat Show Exhibition Is Here! Posted on September 11th, 2019 | Posted by john

Southampton Boat Show

The 2019 Southampton Boat Show:  How to get the most out of your day!

SHBS is one of the biggest in our exhibition calendar and once you negotiate or even avoid the traffic chaos to get there, it’s a fantastic experience for every yachting enthusiast.

Attending a boat show, however, can be an exhausting affair so, if you want to make the most of the day, we’ve used our own experience, gleaned over the last three decades, to ensure your visit is always a good one.  Read our tips below and a few reasons why you should circle Allboat Services Stand in Ocean Hall (J314) as a ‘must see!’.

As seasoned professionals to the boat show circuit, the best approach to the day is a leisurely one!  Don’t cram in too much, within a short space of time.  This is where our stand will come in particularly handy.  We are the sole UK distributor for a variety of top brands, high-quality products and systems, used by private individuals as well as the world’s major boat manufacturers, which are all designed to make your life on the water more enjoyable and stress free.

From just one stand you can access free, friendly advice from our team and access the latest on a range of high-quality products and systems which can boost the pleasure from boating, eliminate the worry associated with ownership and maximise the return on your investment.


From  H & B Technics’ show debut to Dockmate, Halyard, Marsili and Sleipner Side-Power,  we’ve got everything you need in one place to ensure effortless fun on the water.


Didn’t think you’d ever get excited about boat mechanics?  Think again!  We have a NEW remote controlled, wired and waterproof hydraulic winch and a NEW garage door hinge from H+B Technics.  Its Managing Director will also be on our stand to show you its range of super sleek, custom made designs and electro polished solutions alongside the ABS team who retrofit and install them nationwide.


So, give yourself a lift at this year’s show by experiencing a full range of products that fulfill a practical as well as aesthetically pleasing purpose on board. Whether it’s to sunbathe and relax in style, haul a heavy load, launch a dinghy or make light of bulk equipment, H&B Technics, has a Bathing Platform-Tender-Lift option to suit.  With no ugly mechanics, beams or davits on show, all the work and grind takes place under the platform and water surface to leave plenty of space as well as head clearance at the stern.


With Dockmate we can also help you make docking, one of the most complicated manoeuvres a skipper can make, a precise and totally stress free process from anywhere on board! Visit our stand to gain an extra pair of hands on board and the ability to flawlessly operate two motors, horn, windlass, bow and stern thrusters with fingertip control!

“We’re very proud to be presenting our products at the Show together with such strong and committed partners,“ says Mr Jan Olfenbüettel, Sales & Marketing Manager, H & B Technics.  “The ABS team delivers an uncomplicated service commitment which is expected but also highly appreciated by our private customers as well as the major boat and Yacht Manufacturers who depend on the high quality, strength and durability of our products,” he adds.


Let your Boat Show adventure begin with AllBoat Services!


Top tips for a boat show visitor:

  1. Do your research! It’s official – those with a game plan get the most out of a boat show.
  • Everything you need to know will be on the boat show’s website.  Find out the best way to get there, who is exhibiting, what’s on, and what is launching.
  • Make sure you find out, in advance, all the new, different and innovative ways that you can enjoy the water so that you don’t miss out during your boat show visit.
  • Download the app, print the map, like the boat show’s Facebook page, follow them on social media, search the boat show’s hashtags and sign up to their newsletters to receive alerts and keep informed of all new developments.
  • Many exhibitors get free or discounted tickets to give to their loyal customers (we do!).  Always explore this possibility before you purchase your early bird tickets!  Let them know you plan to visit their stand at the boat show!


  1. Plan your day!
  • Use the guides to prioritise who you want to visit and what you might be interested in.  Find out locations and timings before grouping them accordingly so that you can target those in close proximity and maximise the time you have.
  • If you want to take advantage of special boat show offers, are going with a budget in mind and can finance your shopping list – make appointments in advance of the boat show to negotiate the best deal.


  1. Be practical!
  • Take a bottle of water with you – boat shows are thirsty work! Snacks too, so you don’t have to queue!
  • Think about your boat show SWAG.  What shoes are you going to wear?  You’ll be covering a lot of distance and different surfaces on both land and sea.
  • Don’t be caught out by the weather – you’ll pinch yourself if you don’t have sunscreen and shades when the sun shows up and a brolly for when it pours.
  • Take a bag you like carrying around to fill with all the magazines, handouts and free gifts you’ll pick up during your visit.
  • If you can, visit during the week when there are fewer people, shorter queues and less traffic congestion.
  • The perfect boatshow buddy? Think about who you’re going to the boat show with and tailor your visit to incorporate their needs.  Maybe a bit of fun for the kids or something for your partner that takes on board what they enjoy.   Plan a visit full of variety – a boat show is not just about the boats!  Make the most out of demos, live entertainment, special events and selfie opportunities!  Enjoy!