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Allboat Services handy guide for boat accessories Posted on November 19th, 2019 | Posted by john

Dockmate uk

Allboat Services handy guide to the best practical, stress-busting, pocket sized boat accessories!

We’ve quizzed our customers at length and trawled the internet to find out what the market offers in terms of practical, pocket sized boat tech and marine gadgetry which sailors feel they just couldn’t live without.  This is a round-up of their favourite stress busting, mini must-haves that you will need and want to take on board your yacht, sail or motorboat.  Always close to hand, these perfect picks will ensure you make your time on the water as relaxing as possible and reduce the need to worry so that you can concentrate on what’s important – maximising fun!  A line-up of the best hassle-free pocket-sized options for you, your safety and your boat are just within reach…….


Dock like a King with Dockmate’s remote-control, pocket sized tech. 


 Docking is the most difficult and stressful manoeuvre for any sailor, making any boating technology that eliminates the stress and worry associated with docking a must-have.  Dockmate is a pocket-sized wireless extension of a boat’s engine controls which enables you to dock a boat singlehandedly, with ease, from anywhere on board.  It controls, to the centimetre, how to berth safely enabling you to engineer a future free of docking dramas, expensive mistakes and shouting matches!  No need to hide the marine tech in your pocket though as it comes with a handy lanyard too!


The Leatherman is a pocket-sized stress slayer


When space is tight, a heavy bulky toolkit isn’t exactly a viable option to take on-board so a Leatherman is always be up there on a list of boating must-haves.  At a moment’s notice you can whip out a weapon of choice for any task or minor repair in true transformer style.  They’ve even developed a wearable toolkit in the form of a stainless-steel bracelet that fits round your wrist (any size wrist, dainty or otherwise) just in case you can’t remember where you put your old skool Leatherman down.


No sweat when it comes to sunscreen protection

It would be great if we were more like hippos and had their ability to stand in the sun all day without burning.  Biomimicry sunscreen inspired by Hippo sweat may not have arrived yet but there are plenty of pocket-sized protection opportunities, in cream and stick format, that enable you to love your skin and avoid the burn on the water.


A PLB is a pocket-sized lifesaver

If you’re faced with a life and death emergency out at sea, activate a personal locator beacon suitable for marine use and it will become a pocket- sized lifesaver.   Initiate a full-scale rescue with a fool proof, easy to use, GPS enabled, buoyant solution like the ACR ResQlink or Aqualink PLB.


When avoiding sharks is all in the wrist


If you are the type of person who avoids taking a dip because of potential predators that may lurk underneath, you can take back the power during every snorkel session or deep-water swim, and avoid becoming bait, with shark repellent technology.  The soft silicone Sharkbanz, worn on the wrist, ankle, or on all four appendages for those who feel super anxious, is meant to deter any shark from putting you on their menu and taking a bite.  Sharks use electro receptors to hunt their prey and, with no batteries required, the Sharkbanz emits an electro-magnetic signal which warns them off.


A floating fob is a pocket sized essential

Feel the huge relief should the inevitable happen and protect your future self from clumsy clot moves with a floatable pocket sized that will help you easily retrieve keys, phones, cameras and GPS trackers when they fall overboard.  Whether you choose a promotional freebie or one that lights up and inflates to the size of a melon when it hits the water, it’s a pocket-sized essential!


Pants built for adventure

If laundry duties present a problem out at sea, then high performance underwear with moisture wicking, antibacterial and quick drying properties are a must for both sexes.  Reduce the effects of chaffing and friction down south by choosing pants designed to make your sailing adventure more comfortable!  From stretchy pocket-sized thongs, bamboo briefs and full slip shorts for the ladies to boxers with a ballpark pouch for the guys, get it covered with the right high-tech fabric!


Ensure safe hydration with ‘Water to Go’ filter bottles


Having clean, fresh, safe and palatable drinking water on-board your vessel is essential.  Point of use filtration systems like Wave International’s Hiflo provide premium quality drinking water direct from your water tank and when combined with filter bottles from ‘Water to Go’ improves the taste of your H2O even further.  Make sure your rucksack pocket is filled with one of these filter bottles and you’ll reduce your reliance on single use plastics, free up valuable storage space and have access to safe water wherever you go.  Any water (except saltwater) becomes drinking water so, you can fill up with confidence on your land-based adventures – from bathroom taps to outdoor streams.


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