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How to Specify a Bow Thruster Kit Posted on July 30th, 2019 | Posted by john

Specifying the correct bow thruster

How to Specify a Bow thruster Kit?

We’ve been installing Bow Thrusters and Stern Thrusters since the early 1990’s and have a wealth of knowledge accrued from experience.

Common questions we get asked on how to specify a bow thruster kit are:

  • I want a bow thruster but I don’t know how to price it up?
  • How will I know if it has enough power for my boat?
  • What controls are best for me?”
  • How do I charge my bow thruster?
  • How often do I change the anode?

Great questions, and to be honest , why would you know the answers, it’s not like you install 2 or 3 every week like us.

To help, we’ve put together packages and kits for boat sizes from 20ft (6m) up to 55ft (17m). We have identified from our experience, and having worked closely with the manufacturer for almost 30 years the correct specification of Sleipner Side-Power thrusters for each boat and yacht.

Specifying the correct bow thruster

Our help doesn’t just stop there! When you purchase a thruster package from Bowthrusters Direct, we are very happy to support you and hold your hand right through the whole installation process. We don’t just sell boxes, we provide a great service.

We will for free,

  • Guide you, as to the best position to install the thruster tube.
  • Calculate the correct size of battery cable and charging cables
  • Advise you on the options to charge the battery.
  • Advise you on integration with your existing boats systems.
  • Send you pictures of existing installations that we have completed.

What bow thruster do I need

Our services further extend to:

  • We can supply battery, and charging cables, terminated with the correct eyelets
  • We can loan the tunnel cutting tool, for easy and accurate cutting.
  • We can install the tunnel for you, if fiberglass and gel coat is not your expertise.
  • If fiberglass is your skill, we can install the motor and electrical equipment.
  • We can even carry out the complete installation.


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