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STABLE & ALLBOAT SERVICES bring stability to the UK Posted on June 2nd, 2020 | Posted by john

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STABLE and AllBoat Services are pleased to announce a cooperation for the UK market.

The companies will join forces for securing a presence of STABLEs unique technology in the UK. Enabling initial discussions with owners, designers and ship builders, to installations and start-ups of the high-quality stabilized platforms.

“STABLE needs dedicated partners to reach out to in the increasing growing market. As we extend to a wider range of segments and use cases. We are very positive to the professionalism, market knowledge and achievements that AllBoat Services has proven throughout the years – and we look forward to a tight and fruitful collaboration” reveals Rune M. Eriksen, CSO at STABLE AS.

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AllBoat Services Ltd (Est.2007) has an unrivalled reputation for excellence in the supply, commissioning & servicing of premium marine electrical based brands from their prestigious waterside offices & distribution hub in Plymouth, UK.

Our home Town of Plymouth has centuries of boat-building in the military, commercial and leisure sectors. Boasting one of the largest motor yacht builders in the world and the largest naval base & dockyard in Western Europe.  Many historic voyages have started or finished in the sheltered waters of Plymouth Sound.

AllBoat Services Ltd have a fully mobile service throughout the UK and Ireland commissioning & servicing their premium products.

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STABLE AS (Est. 2002) is the #1 supplier of onboard stabilization platforms, utilizing technology originally developed for use in active heave compensated cranes for the Offshore Industry.

The STABLE platform eliminates accelerations due to roll and pitch movements (and all other movements) of the ship. The movements of the ship are estimated based on sensor signals and the platform is automatically adjusted by computer-controlled actuators.

STABLE has proven its value through one of the most demanding applications in terms of responsiveness and accuracy: the STABLE Billiard, which has been installed on a number of cruise ships and luxury yachts. Thousands of cruise passengers have had the pleasure to enjoy a steady game of pool, even in rough sea.

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