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The Success Of The Show Must Go On! Posted on October 11th, 2018 | Posted by john

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The success of the show must go on!


The Southampton Boat Show was a huge success for AllBoat Services!  Interest was high, sales were buoyant, and lots of exciting projects and collaborations will be following hot off the heels of our UK launch of Dockmate.


As the UK’s sole distributor for Dockmate, we are in talks with several yacht manufacturers eager to fit the product as standard.   Together, we are set to shape a stress-free docking future for boat owners!  The system’s unique selling points also piqued the interest of Marine insurers at the show which bodes well for boat owners looking for ways to reduce their insurance premiums!


We thought that we would use our first blog post to briefly highlight the main areas of discussion with visitors to our stand:


  • Does the Dockmate compromise engine warranty issues?  In a nutshell, no it doesn’t.  We can now connect our Dockmate to the engines via the throttles or directly onto the gearbox; in this case the Dockmate is connected directly to the gearbox’s solenoids via our specially developed interface, thus avoiding possible protocol incompatibility or problems.  In these cases the warranty on the engine will not be declared void by the manufacturer.



  • No need to sell up when dexterity lets you down!  The Dockmate system received a lot of interest amongst those living with physical and mobility restrictions or think that there conditions might affect their ability to sail in the future.  There might not be a need to sell up just yet!  Dockmate can extend your boating life so that you can enjoy your hobby or retirement on the ocean – overcoming issues concerning strength, agility, manoeuvrability and dexterity. The Dockmate system also proved a massive hit for those he wanted to single hand sail if there crew weren’t available.


  • Can the Dockmate save my marriage?  Haha! We can’t give any guarantees but it helps reduce the stresses associated with docking, so it could help some couples avoid a frosty start when arriving dockside!


  • Does Dockmate really do what it says it can do? Yes, it really does deliver everything that it promises.  In this instance ignore the old adage “if it sounds too good to be true……!  If you are unsure you can test the system out first and get feedback from those who are using Dockmate to ease the journey!


  • What does Dockmate do again? It ensures the wireless remote control of engines (to include boats with only one engine also, horn, bow thruster, stern thruster and one or two Anchor windlasses).  Dockmate Twist also provides wireless joystick control for engines and thrusters including proportional thrusters and full function control of Pod drives.


  • Could the Dockmate lower my insurance premiums?  This looks like a promising development – the marine insurers brokers we spoke to say that its likely and we’re currently in the process of getting the Dockmate system officially recognised for doing so!


  • How will my location affect the installation of the Dockmate system?  Not at all!  Purchase direct at www.dockmatedirect.com and we will install it ourselves or recommend one of our approved installers in your area.

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